Theodore Sumrall Is Currently Serving As the Senior Vice President of GeoGenCo, LLC

Theodore Sumrall is the Senior Vice President of Engineering at GeoGenCo, LLC. He is responsible for all Engineering related aspects of Geothermal and Waste Heat Recovery power generation projects within the US and Internationally. Theodore has more than 30 years of experience in domestic and international Chemical, geothermal, oil and gas (Upstream, onshore and offshore, and midstream and downstream), petroleum, renewable energy, precious metals mining, and defense industries.

For his work in the chemical industry he has received a significant number t of certifications, awards and recognitions – 
  • NEBOSH International General Certificate in Occupational Health and Safety
  • Fluids for Fracturing Petroleum Reservoirs
  • SAP Training and Education
  • Dimensions of Professional Selling
  • OSHA GHS Hazard Communication Standard Training
  • Rocket Systems Analysis and Design Certification
  • Drilling Fluids Engineer
  • Transportation Worker Identification Credential
  • Secret and Top Secret Clearance
He also authored a number of papers on geothermal energy highlighting that this renewable source of energy is extremely environmental friendly and can be used in many geothermal hot spots around the globe. To harness the energy, deep wells  are drilled until a significant geothermal resource  is located.

Theodore Sumrall also specializes in Chemical Formulation Optimization, Process Engineering, Petroleum Engineering, Drilling Operations, Drilling Fluids, Renewable Energy, Product Development, Design & Specifications, Intellectual Property, R&D Leadership, Product Innovation, Production & Testing, Project - Program Management, Quality, Process Development, International Liaison, Safety Team Leadership, Energetic Materials, Hazardous Materials, and Mining and Metals Recovery.


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