Theodore Sumrall’s Review of his Dissertation on Insensitive Highly Energetic Materials

Theodore Sumrall writes about ingredient selection and theory of the “Dissertation on the Study of Insensitive Highly Energetic Materials”. This is the dissertation on research, development, and testing of energetic materials which were designed to be much less sensitive to unintentional initiation either due to shock or thermal responses.

The Dissertation on the Study of Insensitive Highly Energetic Materials can be summarized into the following 10 catagories:
  • High Performance
  • Low Sensitivity
  • Waterproof
  • Steam Kettle Processability (Viscosity < 2kp)
  • Less Than 24 Hour Cure
  • Boosterable with Standard Boosters
  • Low Critical Diameter
  • Non-TNT Based
  • Ten to Twenty year Shelf Life
  • Low Raw Material Cost and High Raw Material Availability
This research is part of the Doctoral requirements for Theodore S. Sumrall at The University of Tokyo, March of 1998. Theodore S. Sumrall was awarded a Doctorate Degree from the Department of Chemical Systems Engineering in April of 1998 as a result of his research, development testing and dissertation presentation.

Theodore Sumrall is the senior vice president of engineering at GeoGenCo, LLC. He manages all the engineering related aspects of Geothermal and Waste Heat Recovery power generation projects within the US and internationally.

Theodore has more than 30 years of experience in domestic as well as international industries in the fields of: chemical, geothermal, oil and gas (Upstream, onshore and offshore, and midstream and downstream), petroleum, renewable energy, precious metals mining, and defense.


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Theodore Sumrall Is Currently Serving As the Senior Vice President of GeoGenCo, LLC

Theodore Sumrall Is Currently Serving As the Senior Vice President of Geogenco, LLC